Technical Characteristics

Test Description
Test Results
ASTM C1028
Statics Coefficient of Friction
Dry 0.84
Wet 0.55
Water Absorption
0,0% Impervious
Crazing Resistance
No evidence of crazing when testing under 150 PSI for 1 cycle
Chemical Resistance
Unaffected by any test solution
ASTM C1026
Freeze Thaw
Unaffected after 15 cycles
ASTM C1027
Abrasion Resistance
Class 4
Mohs Scratch Test

All tests performed by the Tile Council of North America’s Product Performance Testing Laboratory.

Physical appearance

Vidrotil’s handcrafted glassmaking technique produces glass tiles with hand-cut irregular formats and slight variations in color shade, surface texture, thickness and size. These distinctive features create a singular visual effect that evokes traditional mosaic fields; and, imparts remarkable sheen and organicity to clad surfaces. Occasional bubbles and wrinkles are also inherent to both translucent and transparent glass tiles and are to be expected.

Color Variation

The color variations from piece to piece, and from die lot to die lot, are intrinsic to Vidrotil artisanal glassmaking. Each die lot is unique and its color cannot be exactly replicated. To avoid reorders for unplanned completions and to cover accidental or installation breakage, the manufacturer recommends ordering 5-10% overage. In case of reorders, Vidrotil will not be able to provide material with the exact same appearance.


Glass tiles are face-mounted on paper and suitable for application on both curved and flat surfaces. Each carton contains 10 tile sheets, which cover one square meter (approximately 10.7 sq ft.) Rounded trim pieces are supplied by unit.

Photographic Representation

As resolution of computer screens varies from computer to computer, colors shown in this website are approximate and merely indicative. All photos intend to show the mosaic tiles with its real characteristics.


Upon delivery, all boxes must be opened and inspected for shipment and glass die lot consistency. Any discrepancies should be communicated to manufacturer’s representative prior to installation and within 30 days after the delivery of the goods. No claims will be accepted or adjustment will be made outside this terms.


Cartons must be stored off the ground, in dry places and protected from direct sunlight. Maximum stacking height: 15 cartons.


A careful and professional glass mosaic installation accounts for 100% of the visual effect and performance of tiled surfaces. In view of the specific characteristics of its products, Vidrotil strongly recommends that the tiling job be entrusted to a skilled installer. The client should ensure that the installer is acquainted and cognizant with Vidrotil’s specific installation guideline and use the appropriate installation materials described in Tile Council of America guidelines.  Installation guidelines are provided here.